Successful Supervision


We are pleased to offer the

2015 Spring Series of Successful Supervision

Training for your frontline supervisors.

Supervisor Interacting with Employees

Your front line supervisors are the pivotal people to ensure that your employees live the Core Values. When they know how to serve as performance coaches, supervisors help employees be successful. Retaining great employees becomes much easier because team members feel valued, supported and challenged in their work.

If you want to begin the shift to performance coaching, you need to provide your supervisors with the right tools. Cargas suggests the popular Successful Supervision course customized to supervisors and managers in your organization. Three biweekly four-hour classes provide a solid foundation in performance management and coaching. The interactive model of training emphasizes participation, specific skill building, and application back on the job.

2015 Successful Supervision Schedule

Series I (meets biweekly on three Fridays)
May 15, May 29 and June 12| 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Class 1: Leading the Team

Choose to be a leader; learn what keeps employees motivated; apply theories of motivation; determine how to influence motivation; recognize the impact of de-motivators; understand core differences (in temperament, personality, thinking style, and values) and essential differences (cultural, abilities, gender and generation); choose approaches to be more effective with the different styles of team members; promote mutual respect within the team.

Class 2: Succeeding as a Coach

Use assertive communication to be more effective; expand listening skills; define expectations for performance; monitor what and how employees are doing; track performance to identify patterns; write behavior-based documentation; provide positive feedback; use coaching conversations to develop and enhance employee confidence and competence; promote behavior change with negative feedback; decide how to handle problem performance.

Class 3: Managing Performance

Manage challenging employee behaviors; avoid and control workplace games; hold staff accountable; plan the problem solving meeting; develop Coaching Action Plans; decide when to coach and when to manage performance problems; follow through; prepare for the annual performance appraisal; avoid evaluation pitfalls; choose accurate and fair ratings; structure the interview; invite participation; set performance goals.


$600 per attendee; 10% discount on each registration for multiple attendees. Please contact TJ Titcomb at or 717-406-4774 for more information. The Successful Supervision Course fee includes three sessions, all series materials, including handouts, workbooks, etc., and a light fare.


To foster a sharing, information-packed environment, seating for each Successful Supervision session is limited to 10 attendees. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To register fill out the online form below or call 717-406-4774, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee.

For a downloadable document, please click on the link below:

2015 Spring Successful Supervision