Dynamics GP


Streamline Processes, Improve Forecasting and Enhance Reporting for Better Business Results

Microsoft Dynamics GP Displayed on ComputersMicrosoft Dynamics GP (formally Great Plains) is a scalable ERP product for growing and midsize organizations that can help you extend insight, productivity, and collaboration across your entire business. Proven capabilities automate and connect the full range of your business operations from accounting to customer service.

You’ll have the power to meet demanding, industry-specific requirements, collaborate and communicate through Web portals, and transform data with reporting and business intelligence tools that reach all your people. Microsoft Dynamics GP has flexible deployment methods and can be easily customized to fit your unique needs.

You can quickly see the difference between Microsoft Dynamics GP and other platforms. It’s not just the way business processes are streamlined or data flows smoothly across the organization. It’s the intuitive user interface and roles-based functionality that help organize work efficiently for end users.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy to improve business performance with:

Information and Tools That Help People Work Fast and Smart
  • Proven record of reduced training investment with easy-to-use intuitive user experience.
  • Roles based tools and business intelligence help employees view and prioritize job-specific information and tasks.
  • Ability to customize and personalize based on their work styles and preferences.
  • Improved productivity and visibility through integration with familiar products, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Access to data at every level of your organization through SharePoint web portals and mobile solutions.
Business Productivity Overview

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Familiar User Interface

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Increased Operational Efficiencies to Help Reduce Costs
  • Integrate and streamline critical processes so you can run your business with improved efficiency and real-time access to financial and operational data.
  • Collaborate easily across lines of business and geographies using the portal capabilities of SharePoint Server.
  • Work smoothly across borders with customers and suppliers with multilanguage and multicurrency capabilities.
Fits with Your Existing Systems

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Increased Insight into Every Corner of Your Business
  • View overall business performance and set up and review key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical displays, and reports.
  • Query your financial data with online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes and perform complex analysis with multiple dimensions and aggregations.
  • Consolidate operational and financial information across multiple sites and international locations while maintaining local information relevant to each location.
  • Automatically generate and share reports in familiar formats with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
Confident Decision Making

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Improved Agility to Better Manage Change and Deliver Value
  • Adapt easily to new opportunities and market changes, and simplify compliance.
  • Add new users, locations, or functionality easily by scaling your solution as your business grows.
  • Choose the best way to deploy, use, and manage your solution with flexible options, including cloud computing, subscription-based, or on-premises.


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